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Marble and Granite comparison

When choosing countertops for your kitchen or bathroom, granite and marble surfaces are popular choices. They have more similarities than differences, specifically they are both gorgeous natural stone materials and require a significant amount of care.

What is Marble and Granite?

They are both natural stone materials and porous.
In details, marble is a metamorphic rock formed from recrystallized carbon. It is formed out of limestone that is subjected to intense pressure and heat due to tectonic shifting in the earth’s crust.
Otherwise, granite is an igneous rock composed of grains of compressed quartz, feldspar, mica and similar materials. This means that granite is slightly harder than marble, but both offer reasonably good durability.

Difference between Marble and Granite?


This stone is among the most elegant and luxurious of stones. Marble's beauty will last for generations and is versatile enough for use throughout the home in such places as fireplace surrounds, ornamental furnishings, walls, flooring, and bathrooms. Marble especially stands out in the bath. It can be applied on almost every surface, including vanities, shower walls, tub decks and flooring.
Given that marble is more susceptible to staining by many foods, spilled liquids and other household materials, we do not recommend their use for kitchen countertops. Softer and more porous than granite, marble is more suitable for less-trafficked, formal areas.


Born from molten magma, granite is a much more durable and functional stone than marble. Granite's crystalline structure is far more resistant to abrasions, staining and discoloration than most marbles. Denser and stronger than all natural stones, granite is an excellent choice for high traffic areas where class and style is desired.
Granite feels at home in a country farm house as well as a modern high rise.  The variety of colors and textures are traits that set granite apart from the rest.  This remarkable stone is ideal for kitchen countertops, accent islands, bar tops, dining tables, flooring- the options are endless!
By countertopguides and asgranite